About Us

The Berean Church of God International

Our vision is to have a strong, spiritual and united organization that facilitates:

      -  Anointed Ministries

      - Quality Leaders,

      -  On-going Training

      -  Aggressive Evangelism;

      -  An Active Social Outreach Programme

We are committed to aggressively study, practice, preach and teach the word of God in order to evangelize the world effectively and develop disciples for Christ.

  • To preach the gospel and further the cause of the Kingdom of God, establishing His divine will, across all the earth;
  • To promote and maintain churches and missions worldwide under a centrally-planned system of government emanating from a corporately agreed upon vision, mission and objectives;
  • To encourage the principles of comity for the nurture of the body of Christ endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace;
  • To promote freedom of worship and liberty of expression, within the limits of its own statement of faith, among its own churches, ministers and members;
  • To recruit, train, ordain and place qualified ministers to preach the gospel and to provide credentials for same;
  • To establish and maintain Christian and General educational institutions as may be necessary for the propagation of the gospel and the development of its members;
  • To acquire assets of various kinds, whether by purchase, lease or gift, and to own and manage such assets in a prudent manner resulting in the growth and expansion of the fellowship and by extension, the Kingdom of God;
  • To undertake investment activities, as may become necessary, to generate the appropriate levels of funding to maintain and expand the work and ministries of the church;

    Our Leaders

    • Carlton MillerInternational Bishop
    • Desmond HallNational Bishop - Jamaica
    • Joseph HackettNational Bishop - Canada
    • Ephraim JacksonNational Bishop - USA