The Berean name was adopted from the Berean Fellowship International, Dallas, Texas. The name implies scripture searchers, as indicated in Acts 17: 10& 11. In 1966 eleven (11) churches from the Trinity Pentecostal Organization and thirteen (13) from the First Born Church Of God Organization approached Berean International about affiliation.  The affiliation was affirmed and the Berean Church Of God was established.

 The initial leaders who were involved in the affiliation process were Rev. Gladstone Smith and Rev. Charles Robinson with ten (10) members who formed the Executive Board. These ministers brought into this affiliation 24 churches with a population of almost (450) members. During that time there was only one small church building completed at Irons Mountain, and the other twenty-three (23) churches were under construction.

There was only one (1) Marriage Officer in the Berean Organization.

Immediately after the amalgamation, the Ministers involved established the first foreign mission in Winnipeg, Canada.  In addition, a massive campaign was launched to plant new churches in every parish in Jamaica

The affiliation with the Berean Fellowship International, resulted in the establishment of  its first Bible School in 1968.  Its purpose was to train ministers to work in the local churches.  The Bible School was located at 66 Hagley Park Road, Kingston, Jamaica and was later transferred to Duncans, Trelawny. Rev. Young from Dallas was the first Dean of the Bible School, Rev. N. Smith, the General Overseer and Rev. E. Robinson, Assistant Overseer for the churches.

In 1968, there were two (2) Marriage Officers, and ten (10) Pastors.

In 1972, the Berean Fellowship International went into receivership.

Approximately all of their properties and personal belongings were taken, including the property in Duncans, Trelawny where the Bible School was located.

The Berean Church of God assumed autonomy, and continued to function under the auspices of the Berean Church of God Jamaica Ltd.  Since this new beginning, new churches have been established in the United States and other provinces of Canada.

Reverend Robinson was mandated to consult the church lawyer to write the Constitution for the churches.  It was presented to the Government of Jamaica and the (12) Pastors were appointed to serve as an Executive Presbytery to manage the affairs of the organization.

During the past years, the organization experienced periods of conflicts that resulted in the dissociation of several churches both in the United States and Jamaica. Despite the pitfalls, the church continues to excel in Christ with a membership of over five thousand (5000) in fifty-two locations situated in U.S.A. Canada, England and Jamaica.

Presently, the Berean Church of God is still functioning with the International Board as the Governing Body and three  (3) National Boards, located in the United States, Canada, and Jamaica.  The Head Quarter's Church is located at 22 South Rd. Kingston, Jamaica.  The Church was previously registered under the *trademark* BEREAN CHURCH OF GOD JAMAICA LTD.  However, in 1997 , the registration was changed to THE BEREAN CHURCH OF GOD INTERNATIONAL.